Dental Implants Cost

We all know that dental implants are great.  They look good and feel good. Tooth implants are currently the best permanent (often life-time) solution for missing tooths replacement.

But actually, there is one ‘bad’ thing about them -  the price.  It is really high and most of the people, sadly, can’t afford it. The real question is can YOU afford it? Read this article and I promise you will find it out!

Understanding how implants pricing works

Cost of dental implants is not easy to calculate because it depends on many factors. Some of these factors:

  • dental implant type
  • your dentist expertise (in another words, how good he is)
  • your dentist location (the more crowded towns, the higher prices)
  • material used for dental implant (titanium or zirconium?)
  • additional procedures (extractions, bone grafts)
  • additional costs (in case something goes wrong)

Single tooth implants cost

Cost of a one tooth implant is generally in the $1,100-$4,000 range – this is the price if everything goes smoothly. However, if additional procedures need to be done, expect to pay up to $10,000. In the United States average price for a single dental implant is around $2,500.

Full mouth dental implants cost

Not everyone qualifies for a full mouth dental implants. The very first thing you need to do is to ask your dentist to check if your jaw bones are strong enough.

Nevertheless, cost of this range from $25,000 (withouth additional procedures) to enormous $100,000 (including additional procedures).

What are these additional procedures?

These procedures sometimes (not always, every case is different!) need to be perfomed during dental implants placement:

  • tissue grafting
  • dental extractions
  • sinus lifting
  • computer termography scans
  • bone grafting

Complete cost of dental implants

The prices above reflect only to the dental implants placement stage. You will need to pay extra for the abutment (extension of the implant metal post) and crown  (your new artificial tooth). Costs of abutment and crown together is around $500 – $2500 extra to the single dental implant cost. Sometimes you will need a tooth flipper, too (this one is around $100, depends on type). Watch video below to understand more:

Many people choose to go abroad when they find out how much do dental implants cost. The most popular options include India, Eastern and South Europe, Africa and Philiphines.

If you are buying more than one dental implants cost may decrease since less human work will be needed (not only dentist is involved, but also a surgeon). Still, because of the high costs, not many people can afford implants these days – therefore most of us use traditional dentures.

Here you can see some pictures of the people before and after dental implants. You can also read this great article from Wayne Dental: What are dental implants and how much do they cost