How much do dental implants cost?

Cost of a single dental implant in United States is $2200 on average. However, the final price depends on many different factors, including:

  • Dental implant type (single, multiple or full mouth)
  • Dentist expertise (more experienced dentists will charge a lot more)
  • Your location (big cities are very expensive, see map below for more details),
  • Ammount of dental insurance you have (if any),
  • Material used for dental implant (titanium, zirconium),
  • Additional procedures performed (extractions, bone grafts),
  • Additional costs (in case something goes wrong).

Single tooth implants cost

Cost of a one tooth implant is generally in the $850-$3500 range – this is the price if everything goes smoothly. However, if additional procedures need to be done, expect to pay up to $10,000. In the United States average price for a single dental implant is around $2,500.

Full mouth dental implants cost

Cost of these can range from $25,000 (withouth additional procedures) to enormous $100,000 (including additional procedures).

Please note that most people DO NOT qualify for a full mouth dental implants.

What are these “additional procedures”?

These procedures sometimes (not always, every case is different) need to be perfomed during dental implants placement:

  • tissue grafting
  • dental extractions
  • sinus lifting
  • computer termography scans
  • bone grafting

So what’s the complete cost of dental implants?

The prices above reflect only to the dental implants placement stage. You will need to pay extra for the abutment (extension of the implant metal post) and crown  (your new artificial tooth).

Costs of abutment and crown together is around $500 – $2500 extra to the single dental implant. Sometimes you will need a tooth flipper, too (this one is around $100, depends on type).

You can look at this map to roughly estimate your costs. Higher index means more expenses compared to other states.

This video also should be useful:

Many people choose to go abroad just to get implants done. The most popular options include India, Eastern and South Europe, Africa and Philiphines.

P.S. Here you can see before and after pictures of dental implants. Take a closer look!

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