Bone grafting for dental implant

Bone grafting – a special dental technique for building up your bones so that it can provide a solid foundation for dental implants.

Bones in your mouth can be build up using synthetic or natural means. When you visit your dentist he will tell you what’s the best technique to use in your case. Below are the most popular bone grafting techniques:

The easiest, fastest and most common technique for bone grafting is collecting it from the other bones in your mouth. That bone fragment will be reused as a base for the implant.

To accelerate the process of bone growth dentists often decide to use synthetic materials. When your top jaw, just right above the back teeths, has not enough bone for holding dental implants, dentists will perform a sinus lifting and put the bone into sinus chambers. This way bones will grow more and it will make your dental implant more securede.

If you don’t want to use your own bone for some reason, or can’t do that, you can ask youur dentist about human bones from the tissue banks. This is very often the best choice. Bones are disease-free, super-sterile and it’s impossible for your body to reject them. It’s 100% safe method.

There’s nothing to be afraid of! All these procedures are very simple and don’t hurt at all. Ask your dentist now about bone grafts and develop the healthy bone tissues for your new dental implants!